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Meditation as a Cure

Posted By on Jan 8, 2016

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Everyday worries and problems people deal with, cause them to be nervous and anxious, therefore stress is one of the most common occurrences today. Stressful life causes different types of diseases and illnesses. At first, these diseases caused by stress were treated with medication, since this is not a permanent solution to this particular problem, people turned to Eastern culture, their alternative medicines, herbal medicines and meditation to. The best way to get rid of the stressful life is relaxation and preventing of the further aggravation. We all heard about Buddhist monks and their ‘free mind’. First thing that comes to mind when you think about meditation are surely these monks and their “Om”. Fundamental researches results of the meditation influence on health showed that there are a few diseases you can overcome by meditation and multiple other health benefits.

  1. Increasing your immunity. Cancer and tumor patients often had not had the chance to survive this disease or their painful and you could say sometimes torturing treatment, researches showed that daily relaxation practice can boost their immunity after the treatment and in the process. Only a month of daily meditation exercises can make people more resistant to viruses and tumors.
  2. If you want to have a baby, meditation can help you achieve that goal because of its benefits in increasing fertility. Meditation and relaxing in general can help people relieve of the stress. The facts are that women are more likely to conceive if they are not stressed and it also influences male fertility since stress can also reduce sperm count.
  3. Meditation as an effective cure for Diarrhoea and other bowel syndromes. Practicing relaxation meditation twice a day can help you get relieved of all bowel syndrome symptoms. So if you are having problems with this kind of disease you know what you have to do. Some University’s researches showed that this is an effective treatment, and even some doctors recommend it as an official treatment course.
  4. High blood pressure is the thing majority of population deals with, it often leads to heart attacks and other heart diseases. Even major problem like this can be solved by relaxing and meditation, and all because the cause of this numerous diseases is stress. Harvard Medical School studied this problem and found that the persons who practiced to stay relaxed lowered their blood pressure and never had problem with it anymore. Harvard is not the only University that got these results. Universities all over the World studied the same influence of meditation and got the same results.Young woman meditating outdoors
  5. Arthritis, asthma, heart and skin diseases also can all be prevented and treated by meditation. Canada’s Universities studied the influence of meditation on the skin disease called Psoriasis, which is one of the common diseases among the elderly, these studies showed that meditation improved their health condition and lowered disease’s symptoms.

Meditation can help persons practicing it to understand situation it the right way, to understand it as a thought and not panic about it. Anger that comes from all the stress is the trigger for every one of this diseases. When you meditate, you will understand the situation and try to find solution rather than getting angry and mad because of it. Therefore you could say that the power of the meditation is truly enormous.

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